I can’t compete. Tonight I went out to a costume party. I looked ridiculous… So did everybody else. Then we out. I saw 2 chicks from our group. 2 lovey, amazing, intelligent, funny chicks. They’d gone home. And they’d got changed. And they looked hot. Their game was on… and good on them! But I can’t compete… I am me. I am hairy.. I am dishevelled… and on occasion I am funny. But I can’t keep competing. I go out to clubs and I see girls dancing, but they’re not dancing for themselves… I see their eyes dancing across the dance floor to see if any guy has caught their glance. I can’t compete. I can’t do this. Once upon a time I was loved for who I was. Can’t we all be loved for who we are? Can I be loved for who I am, again? Ps: I left my card in the ATM tonight, I win at life!
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